The organization presently has a number committees and has selected committee chairs for each as of June, 2012.  Membership on committees are available to GRMD and GRMDF Board Members, Policy Advisory Board members and Pledged Volunteers of Gender Rights Maryland.

Legislative - Jonathan Shurberg, Chair

  • Establish Legislative Committee
  • Develop Legislation Language
  • Select/Develop Sponsors
  • Lobby Legislators, Hire Lobbyist

Field Organizing - Keith Thirion, Chair

  • Establish Field Committee
  • Organize District Level Database
  • Organize and task volunteers
  • Lobby Legislators

Development - Hilary Howes, Chair

  • Establish Development Committee
  • Approach Funders
  • Development Events
  • Board Give/Get

Corporate Governance - Lee Ann Hopkins Chair

  • Establish Governance Committee
  • Enhance Bylaws
  • Review Policy and Procedures
  • Board Nomination and Refreshment

Outreach and Education - Jay Lee, Chair

  • Establish Outreach Committee
  • Develop Programs
  • Schedule Speaking Events
  • Training Sessions
  • Educate Field Operators

Media/PR - Sharon Brackett, Chair

  • Establish Media/PR Committee
  • Develop Talking Points
  • Manage and Enhance Website and Social Media
  • Event Promotion and Production
  • Engage Media Outlets